General Kitchen Ideas

A good Designer will see the big picture. The Designer will see the possibilities that can be achieved in the space available and sometimes they may shock you by suggesting that the kitchen would be better situated in another part of the home. It could be suggested to you that the window be lowered to run the bench top out to the BBQ area and install bi-fold windows that would create an indoor/outdoor situation. The Designer may suggest that you design the laundry into the kitchen space as your kitchen may be large and your old laundry could end-up being a scullery, a computer area, home office or something else. They may suggest shifting doorways or change the whole traffic flow of the space to make it more efficient by suggesting islands or multiple work-stations.

A good Designer can change your life for the better. While they are conscious of your well earned dollar, an accredited Kitchen Designer will always come up with the best and more effective design solution.

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