Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchen storage and bench space are the two highest priorities with most new kitchen buyers. In today’s world, there are many new storage solutions, especially in, hard to access corners. Corners have always been an issue, but there are now multiple moving hardware solutions that can address this problem.

Once upon a time we had cabinets under sinks and it was usually the most untidy cabinet in the kitchen. Today, we can put drawers under sinks with waste and detergent compartments. We can put drawers around the sink for smaller items, such as brushes, scourers, steel-wool etc. We can utilize space by placing shallow drawers in the kickboards that house trays and platters. There are many roll-out solutions today, such as roll-out pantries, internal drawer systems, cutting board and tea-towel compartments, spice and condiment drawers. Integrated fridges and dishwashers are also an inclusion in a lot of modern kitchens when minimalism is a priority. Drawers offer a lot more storage and are popular for pantries, pots, crockery and plastics. Drawers are considerably more expensive than cabinets but if you can afford them, they are the clever way to go.

There are many apparatus that can be utilized and a good Designer will make you aware of all the possibilities. But be aware that they come with a price tag.

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