Kitchen Island Benches Can Enhance the Look and Value of Your Kitchen

kitchen island bench


Of all the elements and details that go into making a perfect kitchen, kitchen island benches can be the most distinctive. A kitchen will invariably feature cabinets, stoves, sinks and refrigerators among other things. But, for many homeowners, these aspects can be indispensable in any kitchen. However, not all kitchens will feature kitchen islands. Those that do undoubtedly exude a distinctive and elegant look. Island benches have become regular design features in kitchen remodels nowadays. But, they can be highly practical as well.


What Makes Kitchen Island Benches So Versatile and Practical?


Kitchen island benches can completely transform the flow and functionality of any kitchen with consummate ease. Moreover, they can give you just the type of convenience and functionality you require. For instance, consider a situation where your kitchen plans highlight the paucity of storage space. In this scenario, your island benches could provide additional storage space. Or, you could use the island benches to store your appliances too. In some cases, the island benches might come into use as additional food preparation space. Lastly, if you want your kitchen to have some seating space, having a kitchen island bench could be quite handy. You could use the space it provides to get some handy seating and eating space. This will eliminate the need to buy additional furniture whilst saving space too. And, the dining area will be near the kitchen too – which can be very convenient.


Does it Make Sense to Use Your Kitchen Island Bench for Having Meals?


A white kitchen often features an elegant and versatile kitchen island bench. In many cases, people use this for preparing food, storing appliances or cookware etc. However, some individuals use their island benches as a convenient substitute for the regular dining table – especially in smaller homes. Thus, one end of the island bench can come into use for any kitchen-related activity. Thereafter, you could use the other end for having your meals. This will not only save space and time, given that you can eat right where you have prepared the meal. It can save you some money as well. Thus, you will not need to purchase additional dining furniture. Eating on kitchen island benches might seem a little strange at first. But, it can create the relaxed and casual mood that can make both guests and hosts comfortable.

What Seating Options Can You Consider for Your Kitchen Island Bench?


If you happened to walk into any of the kitchen stores in the vicinity, you would come across model kitchens. Some of these might feature kitchen islands. In many cases, homeowners do not provide any benches in their kitchen islands. They prefer to use the space as additional counter space for cooking. In such cases, the island will feature some space that you could use for preparing food or other cooking-related activities. Not many people consider kitchen islands as spaces that could be useful for dining as well. Hence, they do not consider providing sitting space in the kitchen island. Kitchen renovators often incorporate bench seats in the kitchen island itself. Similarly, if you prefer movable bench seating, you could place stools or tall chairs at the kitchen island. With stools and chairs, the number of people who can sit at the island will remain fixed. In contrast, an island bench offers relatively higher seating capacity.

Use Your Kitchen Island Bench to Create Additional Storage Space

Many homeowners use their kitchen island benches to create additional storage space. These benches typically feature an assortment of drawers, cupboards and open shelves. Some modern island benches could even offer storage space for your cookery books and wine bottles. Depending on your requirements, you could consider using the island bench to store some appliances such as the dishwasher, stovetop or the microwave.


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