Kitchen Plans In Sydney: 4 Design Ideas For Walk In Pantry

Most people appreciate every bit of extra storage space they can find to store their kitchen essentials. If your cabinets are already overflowing, a well-planned walk in pantry is a great storage option for you. Whether you’ve a modern or classic kitchen, keeping most of your items in a walk in pantry can help you streamline a number if processes in your kitchen. Based on some of the best kitchen plans in Sydney, we’ve selected some walk in pantry ideas for your inspiration.  Use the tips below for an aesthetically pleasing walk in pantry.

  1. Creating a new pantry – It’s always more challenging to create a new pantry in the existing kitchen than creating one in a new kitchen. The reason is that in old kitchens homeowners have to sacrifice an existing functional area to accommodate a new pantry. Whether you choose an attached garage or an adjacent hallway to fit the new pantry, it should be directly and conveniently accessible from the kitchen.
  1. Consider visibility– If you choose an open walk in pantry and the contents can be easily viewed from the kitchen area; make sure to keep the arrangement neat and clean. If your pantry is tucked behind a door, guests won’t notice the clutter as easily, but a well-organized pantry is still recommended for ease of use.
  1. Location: Most efficient kitchen plans in Sydney are the ones where the crucial components are located near the work area. For an efficient walk in pantry, choose a location that allows you to access it without disrupting other kitchen activities. You should be able to unload groceries and retrieve any items whenever you need conveniently.
  1. Shelving system: Many pantries have a fully functional inbuilt shelving system, but if your walk in pantry doesn’t have one, a shelving system is a good investment for you. While some people prefer custom shelving systems, others opt for cost-effective and flexible DIY options, such as systems with adjustable shelfs. Try to choose a system with a variety of shelf sizes.

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