Kitchen Plans In Sydney – What Are the Best Options for You?

After the completion of a home renovation project, most people love to show their guests the things they have done to the most important room in their home – the kitchen. These days, a kitchen has become a place where people like to congregate, relax and entertain, of course apart from preparing meals. No wonder, spectacular kitchen ideas in Sydney are the most sought-after renovation ideas in the home design industry. Another reason why people leave no stone unturned to get just the best kitchen plans in Sydney is the exceptionally high return on investment that efficient plans can deliver. Whether you aspire for a classic kitchen or modern kitchen, any type of kitchen plan starts with a design concept.

If you take a look at popular kitchen plans in Sydney, you’ll find that most of them fall into one of the following categories:

  1. L- Shaped kitchen: If you want to incorporate a kitchen triangle, this is probably the best layout for you. This layout makes use of two adjacent walls and is perfect for a classic kitchen.
  2. Galley kitchen: If you are short of space in your kitchen, you should opt for galley kitchen layout. Here, the focus is on utilizing the space in the most efficient way possible. All the counters, cabinets and appliances are organized in a linear manner for a neat, contemporary look. In a galley kitchen, chef needs to make minimal movements as everything is in arm’s reach.
  3. U Shaped kitchen: If you are looking for kitchen ideas in Sydney with efficiency in mind, you’ll never go wrong with a U-shaped layout. The major focus of U-Shaped kitchen is on optimizing the workflow by utilizing the classic kitchen triangle.
  4. G-Shaped kitchen: Like U-Shaped kitchens, G-Shaped layout also utilizes three walls and same storage options and amount of counter area. The only major difference is a partial forth wall or peninsula, which is used for cabinetry.

In addition to these, you can also include islands if you have a spacious kitchen. Islands work wonderfully well in U-Shaped and L-Shaped layouts. If you want to discuss your options and learn about more kitchen ideas in Sydney, contact The Kitchen Broker today!

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