Kitchen Renovation Design Ideas: Choosing Between A Modern and Classic Kitchen

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Are you looking for the best renovation design ideas for your kitchen remodelling project? It’s always a good idea to design your dream kitchen yourself; but if you are inexperienced you should consider hiring kitchen designer and kitchen planner in Sydney. Trusted kitchen designers and engineers are people who have worked in the industry for a long time, and will make sure that your kitchen is well-planned and will leave nothing lacking.  After all, your kitchen should be able to satisfy all yours and your loved ones’ needs.

Before you renovate your kitchen, or talk to a designer about the same, there is one thing you need to consider: would you like to have a modern kitchen, or a classic one? The kitchen designers would have a lot of renovation design ideas for you, but if you are aware of what type of kitchen you want, you will be able to make decisions easily.

Modern Kitchens: Sleek and Minimalist!

Modern kitchens usually have open plan layouts. This means that the kitchen would not be bound by four walls. This helps provide a more open feel to the space, which will also make your kitchen look larger. A modern kitchen has very basic colour schemes. There can be a lot of black, and white, with small dashes of colour for the major components, such as the kitchen island bench, to tie in the kitchen together. When it comes to renovation design ideas for modern kitchens, technology is used in large quantity, for instance, digital controls are preferred over analogue options and so on. Modern designers also prefer to use chrome and other new-age options over other materials, because they are durable and add to the design scheme.

Classic Kitchens: Traditional, But Forward!

Traditional kitchens have all the amenities of modern kitchens, but retain the design elements from the classical style. Most classic designs have closed floor plans, and the colour scheme is more neutral and varied. Wood is favoured for flooring, kitchen island bench, and even cabinets (of course, you could also go in for granite countertops if wood is not your thing), as it gives a more warm and welcoming effect. Classic kitchens are better for homeowners who want to make their kitchen more quirky and personalised.

Whatever style you choose, you should discuss the details with your kitchen designer, so that your ideas and dream of a perfect kitchen can be realized quickly and in a cost-effective manner. For more kitchen renovation design ideas and to explore your options, visit Kitchen Broker – one of the most trusted kitchen Design Company in Sydney, today.


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