Kitchen Renovations Ideas: The Beauty of Marble Floors

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A popular kitchen design in Sydney incorporates the installation of marble floors. Despite being expensive, there are still many property owners who love this flooring material because of its timeless beauty. But what exact features should you consider when looking at and choosing marble for your kitchen floor?


One of the things that adds to the beauty of marble floors is the veining. These veins are the lines that run across the surface of the marble. It is these veins that gives marble surfaces its ‘texture’ and pattern. Because these veins are natural and random, it can be hard to find two marble tiles that look exactly alike.

When choosing marble floors for a project, a kitchen planner and designer will look not only the colour of the marble but at the degrees of the veins on it as well. These degrees can range from subtle, regular, and ‘variable’. If you’re after a calmer look for your floors, marble tiles with subtle veins are perfect. If you’re after something more eccentric and intense patterns, then marble tiles with variable veining should be considered.


Marble is a hard natural stone, meaning they can be polished to an extremely high and glossy finish. These levels of shine and smoothness can be difficult to achieve with other types of natural stones. There are homeowners who prefer honed or low-gloss finished marble tiles for their kitchen renovations.

Polishing also has another purpose aside from making marble tiles shinier and smoother. The polishing process also tends to bring out the natural colours of the marble. As such, the marble appears much more colourful and gives them a more dramatic appeal.


Speaking of colour, marble tiles also come in variety of colours. Are you looking for something that looks serene? Why not go for white or cream coloured marble tiles? Want something more elegant and luxurious? Consider using black or dark coloured marble tiles.

Colour is an important consideration as it will have an impact on the overall appeal of the whole kitchen. If you’re not sure which colour to go for, talk to your kitchen planner and designer. They can help you with the choosing process and ensure that you get the right colour that will work best with your intended theme and design.

These are just three of the most important design features that you should keep in mind when buying marble floors. If you need help in choosing the right marble tiles to complement your intended kitchen design, or need the assistance of a kitchen planner and designer for your kitchen renovations, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’d be more than happy to help you out.


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