Kitchen Renovations in Sydney: 4 Classic Kitchen Design Principles

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The timeless features, neutral colours and minor details of classic kitchen designs ensure that these kitchens will stand the test of time and can suit a variety of styles, tastes and budgets. If you’re considering kitchen renovations in Sydney to attain a classic look for your kitchen, you should choose a kitchen design firm that knows how to create eye-catching details so that your kitchen will keep looking stunning for years and years.  Let’s have a look at some design principles of classic kitchens so that you can create this kitchen style with ease.

  1. Cabinetry: Classic kitchens are known for their timeless look. With cream or white cabinets, you can easily create such a look that even the modernists will appreciate. Timeless yet simple and fresh, a white classic kitchen is all you need to attain this style.
  2. Marble countertops: White marble benchtops can really make your classic kitchen stand out. In most classic kitchen designs, marble countertops form the focal point. Though marble needs maintenance, there are only a few other options that can match its beauty.
  3. Keep it simple: The style of classic kitchen should be simple yet fresh. It should not be too ornate or too modern. Opt for shaker style cabinet doors. These doors can instantly impart a classic appeal to your kitchen.
  4. Flexibility: When it comes to the most flexible kitchen plans anywhere, classic kitchens top the list. You can add any number of elements to a classic kitchen to completely change its look. For instance adding modern bar stools, modern tiles, pendent lights and vintage style tables can transform your classic kitchen into an eclectic one. This flexibility allows homeowners to change the look of their kitchen anytime they want without breaking a bank. However, if you do want to change the design theme a few years down the line, it’s recommended to opt for neutral coloured tiles and other components for an easy design transition.


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