Kitchen Renovations: The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid

classic kitchen
It’s all about learning from your mistakes and trying not to repeat them again.  The world of kitchen renovations is full of pitfalls that even the most experienced kitchen designers in Sydney fail to avoid sometimes.

With that mind, the experts at The Kitchen Broker have compiled a list of four common mistakes and some effective ways to avoid them.

Mistake # 1: Not Having Sufficient Ventilation

Kitchens have to deal with a lot of smoke and heat. In absence of proper ventilation, this smoke, heat and grease can make any kitchen uncomfortable and unhealthy to work in. To avoid such a situation, consult experienced specialists for kitchen renovations and know about the best ventilation options for your kitchen.

Mistake # 2: A White Classic Kitchen Can’t Have a Timeless Appeal

This is probably the most common misconception among homeowners in Australia. The truth is classic white kitchens have achieved a massive popularity in the recent past.  In order to realize the full potential of a white classic kitchen, you’ll need to understand the versatility of white colour. For example in order to attain an ultra modern look for your kitchen, choose shaker style cabinets in a bright white colour. On the other hand, to create a rustic appearance, go for cream white cabinets.

Mistake # 3: Inefficient Lighting

To make every part of your classic kitchen clearly visible, opt for strategically placed lighting. Well-planned lighting can take the decor and functionality of your kitchen to a whole new level. An experienced kitchen designer can advise you on different types of lighting such as task lighting, accent lighting, ambient lighting and decorative lighting and so on.

Mistake # 4: Excessive Use of Stainless Steel

Though stainless steel is one of the most durable and stunning materials out there, going overboard with it can make your kitchen look ‘unnatural’ and industrial. Having some of the appliances with a shiny steel finish may be perfectly fine, but including stainless steel frying pans, toasters and microwaves is overkill. The best approach is to use a variety of materials and colours, or use cabinetry to hide bulky stainless steel goods.

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