Kitchen Splashbacks Are Ideal For Your Renovation Plans

kitchen splashbacks

Many Sydney kitchens often struggle with various walls being hurt by stains. Splashes of water and various bits of food can get all around walls near a sink or food preparation area in your kitchen. These can cause discolouration in your walls and in some cases will cause them to wear out and weaken. They are often hard to clean off too. Fortunately, you can add kitchen splashbacks to your walls around those sensitive spots.

Kitchen splashbacks are great for your renovation plans. Such splashbacks are designed to go on walls located near sinks and other spots where items might splash around. A splashback is critical for your kitchen renovations as it not only protects such walls but also improves upon how well a kitchen looks.


How a Splashback Is Designed

A splashback is designed as a small wall panel. This will be placed right next to the countertop and will work as an extension of sorts.

Such a panel will vary in size but it will typically be around 50 to 70 cm in height. This is enough to cover most splashes.

Also, such surfaces can cover extensive lengths. Many of them can be at least 120 cm long but they can be cut up if needed. You can also get several of them connected with each other on the same space if you need something longer.


What Are They Made Of?

Splashbacks can be made out of various items:

  • Pressed metal can come with a smooth texture. It especially adds a bit of a shine depending on where it is placed.
  • Laminate surfaces are often used because they can handle moisture and stains with ease. These use paper-based polymers to create one of many different designs.
  • Traditional stone materials like marble or quartz can establish a classy look. You would have to watch for how porous some surfaces might be though.
  • Bamboo wood is popular for being dense and easy to apply. It creates a nice dark brown tone that fits in well with many surfaces although it could be painted. It is also better for the planet in that it is a more renewable form of wood.


You will be surprised at how well such kitchen renovations can work for your home. A splashback will add a better look to your space when used right.

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