Kitchens Sydney – Mapping the Kitchen of Your Dreams

Decades ago, kitchens only served as the place where you cooked food. However, the evolution of modern lifestyles has brought about a change. It has led to a corresponding emergence of modern kitchen designs.

Increasingly, the kitchen has become a place where one can chat about the day’s events, sit down and have a quiet drink or have a meal in the kitchen. Clearly, the humble kitchen has been increasing in importance in houses nowadays. This is why utilising the services of a kitchens specialist in Sydney, could be a smart move.

Designing Custom Kitchens

Designing custom kitchens in Sydney can be equated to solving jigsaw puzzles. You have all the pieces in front of you. You have an idea of what the final picture must look like. However, getting each piece slotted into the perfect slot remains challenging. For example, kitchen designers need to plan their kitchen ideas, while accommodating the following ingredients. These factors, which remain essential for each kitchen, include:

  1. The space occupied by the kitchen
  2. Placement of doors and windows
  3. Placement of appliances and machines
  4. Placement of lights
  5. Placement of cabinets and shelves
  6. The surrounding rooms and their impact
  7. Traffic flow into or out from the kitchen
  8. The homeowner’s needs i.e. storage, dining and social
  9. Other existing architectural structures and aspects

Many people usually underestimate their kitchens. They believe that they can undertake their kitchen renovations themselves. If your kitchen plans remain minor in nature, you can surely manage it without external help. However, a major revamp of your kitchen necessitates the hiring of a kitchen designer.

Our Experience

At The Kitchen Broker, our winning team of experts, have shown the way in good & proper kitchen design over the past several years. Many kitchens in Sydney are better off for the experienced touch and no-how of intelligent design from The Kitchen Broker. We have a basic menu at The Kitchen Broker:

  1. We bring the wow factor to your new kitchen space
  2. We bring a new experience to your lifestyle and your kitchen design
  3. We bring clever kitchen ideas in to play that make your life easier
  4. We put value on your property and fulfil your kitchen plans for your home

It comes as no surprise then that our clients have made us experienced specialists in the domain of kitchens in Sydney.

Find a Good Kitchen Designer

Finding a good kitchen designer, can be difficult. After all, the designer must understand your ideas and designs, your space and your needs. Further, the designer must have the ability to visualise what the completed kitchen will look like, based on the inputs received. Most designers can do the first part or the second. Seldom can they do both perfectly. Therefore, consider drawing up a checklist of factors before you decide on a specific designer for your kitchen. You could compare various designing service providers based on this. This checklist would also help you in finding the agency best suiting your requirements.

Check with the designers about:

  1. Experience in modern kitchen designs, classic kitchen designs, French provincial etc
  2. The timelines involved
  3. An estimate of costs for the design and inclusions they require
  4. Samples of previous work and references
  5. Experience in the domain
  6. Appropriate certifications or qualifications received
  7. Do they supply all the trades for a finished job
  8. Is there likely to be any hidden costs

These pointers should be able to help you narrow down on designers who can bring to life a structure you had solely in your mind.

In the childhood memories of every good cook, there’s a large kitchen, a warm stove, a simmering pot and a mom”. This is perhaps one of the most cherished kitchen images, one of the most fondly remembered memories of everyone’s childhood. However, we would add to those words by saying that such memories are not confined to good cooks alone. Anyone can cook up sumptuous fare in the kitchen. However, when it comes to the recipe of making perfectly designed kitchens in Sydney, we can be very hard to beat.
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