Maintaining the Integrity of a Heritage Home with a New Kitchen

A home in Australia that is 130 years old is an old home by Australian standards. See how we turn an old kitchen into a glamour room!

Old Australian homes can have some great features like, large verandahs, lovely high roof lines with handsome gables, high decretive ceilings, leadlight doors & windows, large open fire places with decretive mantles and quirky features like little boxes built into the wall for the daily delivery of milk & bread etc.

The one thing that was less glamorous in old homes was the kitchen. The kitchen seemed to be a place where mum slaved away a good deal of the day, preparing for the daily family needs and also making homemade biscuits, cakes, pickles and jams etc.


The kitchen was not a glamorous space; it was the serious work station that was constantly on the go. It was not a glamour room, it was the engine room.


In today’s world we are faced with a totally different scenario. The kitchen has now become not only the engine room, but the glamour room, the meeting place and the centre of everything in the home.

The challenge when designing a new kitchen in a character filled space that has all the trappings of yesterday, is to blend the technological advances with the feel and tone of yesterday.
This kitchen has been designed by Brian Patterson to do just that. The doors & drawers are all Blum soft close systems. There are internal rollout systems that house waste, detergents, oils & spices. Behind the façade of this kitchen are the latest internal storage solutions on the market.

To maintain the yesterday look the designer has incorporated open shelves and old style plate racks and he has designed a quirky range hood that has the tongue and groove look, with a rebated section for the clock, this sits centre of the kitchen space over the large cooker.

The kitchen has been carefully designed to maintain the ambience and feel of this classic old home and I think it has achieved just that.

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