Major Kitchen Design Terminologies you should know before Renovation

Are you worried about a kitchen renovation?  New kitchen look cannot be hard work, and if you have spent any length of time looking up online you are probably aware or may not be aware about all kitchen design terminology the designer used.

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Some important and commonly used terms for any kitchen design are:

  1. Dual Fuel – This term is used in reference to a range of cookers to be installed in kitchen cookware consist of an electric oven.
  2. Steam Oven – These are basically used as a steam cooker to cook food with reservoir water in it. Note – these days most of the kitchen designers prefer to give inbuilt steam oven, which gives more moisture and will contain more vitamins and minerals than food cooked by boiling.
  3. Handleless Drawers – Usually refer to doors without handles. Mainly there are two main ways we can have doors in kitchen design, first is “push catches”, second “integrated handles”
  4. Plinth – Plinths are long pieces of paneling placed at the bottom of units to cover up all possible adjustable legs.
  5. Cornice – A cornice is a “trim” placed at the top of your wall units & tall units for ornamental purposes in kitchen design. It is most common in traditional kitchens and shaker kitchens when designed.
  6. Splashbacks – A splashback is a piece of material placed behind the hob to protect the wall, this will usually is made of stainless steel, glass or the material used for the countertops. Usually, the kitchen splashback will stretch from the bottom of the extractor fan to the top of the worktop.


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