Modern Kitchen Designs and Customization

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When it comes to the most popular trends in kitchen designs, you cannot ignore the concept of personalization/customization. This is probably the hottest trend in the present day kitchen design industry of Australia especially when it comes to modern kitchen designs.

While it’s true that everyone has different needs and preferences, and so, the concept of personalisation should be different for everyone, the kitchen design trends however are surprisingly more or less the same everywhere. The only reasonable explanation for this can be that most people want to incorporate just those kitchen ideas that are in vogue right now. Let’s have a look at some aspects of custom kitchens.

  • Functionality: This is an area where the real customization happens. It may not be the most visible part but functionality plays a vital role in modern kitchen designs. In fact, every kitchen planner in Sydney offers their services to accommodate as much customization as possible in their kitchen design. It makes sense to take advantage of this opportunity. Gone are the days when you were forced to adapt yourself to a pre-existing kitchen and store your items haphazardly. With custom designs, you’ll get everything at a location where it makes the most sense.


There are a lot of innovations happening in the functionality front such as customization of upper and base cabinets, different heights and depths, variety of shelves and open units and so on.

  • Aesthetics: When it comes to personalization on aesthetic front, most homeowners stick to the neutral options, such as white lacquer cabinets for modern kitchen designs. Neutral colours are timeless and a safer choice in the long run. However, this has not always been the case. Few years back, colourful kitchens were all in vogue. Ironically, there was a lot of variety in kitchen designs in those days, until kitchen customization became a “big thing” in modern kitchen designs. It turns out that people prefer a neutral look when it comes to aesthetics of their kitchen. Kitchen customization is something that should only be attempted with the help of experienced kitchen designers.


So, what’s your favourite kitchen customization option? Let us know in comments. To know more about how we can help you make the most of available personalization options in your next kitchen remodelling project, get in touch with The Kitchen Broker today!

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