5 Questions Before Selecting a Kitchen Designer

With so many options out there how do you go about selecting a kitchen designer?

So you are about to embark down the path of either a brand new kitchen in a brand new house/apartment, a kitchen replacement in an older house/apartment or a renovation job on your original kitchen.

You obviously want someone who has been recommended or has had some presence in the kitchen industry. Maybe won some kitchen designer awards and/or been in the industry for some time with lots of experience.

Here are five questions you should be asking your kitchen designer before selection

  1. How many design plans do you, as a kitchen designer provide and how long does the process take?
  2. Do you have any examples and/or client testimonials/contacts I can speak to?
  3. How long have you been a kitchen designer? Awards? Keeping up with changes?
  4. What are the charges/costs and will you supply alternative costs?
  5. Will you be available throughout the planning/building process of our kitchen?

Finally the really big question – What if something goes wrong? What are the company policies? Who is responsible for what, when and why?

A kitchen is worth about 3-6% of the price of the overall cost of your house so it is worth the time and effort to make sure you have selected the right kitchen designer. So before you select your kitchen designer make sure you have all the important questions answered so that you make an informed choice and end up with the kitchen of your dreams.