Good Option for Lower Kitchen Cabinets – Drawers!

The biggest advantage of utilising drawers in your lower kitchen cabinets is convenience. Reaching into the back of a cupboard to retrieve an item can be a challenge to say the least.

Kitchen Cabinets – Drawers!

Incorporating drawers into your kitchen design instead of kitchen cabinets, items such as large pots and pans can be claimed with ease. Plus panty and food items can be pulled out for easy perusal.

If you’re building a new kitchen or renovating an old one and are utilising drawers instead of kitchen cabinets one thing you need to consider is the construction of the drawer and the maximum weight it can hold. Kitchen drawers generally run on ball bearings. The top brands such as Blum, Hettich and Grass run on the ball bearing system. These companies warranty their product for as long as the kitchen stands up.

The Kitchen Broker can organise heavy duty runners and drawers 1200mm long that carry enormous weight at full extention. Once the drawer is pulled out completely, you have the advantage of seeing all items easily and potentially heavy item can be lifted safely as they are closer to you. Also available now are drawers that are electronic, allowing the cook to touch the drawer with the knee if need be when their hands are full or dirty and they open to full extention. After use they can push it closed with the knee or backside and it will soft close itself.

Don’t like the idea of kitchen drawers? Then what about this nifty option of installing shelves that can be pulled out. While they operate in a similar manner as the kitchen drawer, traditional kitchen cabinet doors do cover the unit, allowing for a visual balance using doors and drawer fronts for a more appealing look.

Note: Regardless of whether you in-corporate doors or drawers you will need a similar amount of space; each has a similar swing requirement of approximately 35 to 45 centimetres. When planning your kitchen, placement of doors and drawers is important as you have to make sure you have adequate space to manoeuvre when any kitchen cabinet door or drawer is fully extended.