Kitchen Design Ideas | Kitchen Sink Position

Most kitchen designs and layouts put the kitchen sink bang in the middle of the kitchen window. A simple re-location of your kitchen sink can offer more kitchen bench top space and more storage.

In most kitchen designs the sink is found plum in the centre of the window. In a lot of cases the distance from the end of the sink and around the corner to the cook top is not as generous as it should be. Even in a new kitchen design you are battling to see how this would change. I have encountered this problem often.

The solution is to design your kitchen with the sink in the corner. You can buy corner kitchen sinks that fit in the corner space perfectly. They are generous in size and you end up making the most of your kitchen space and kitchen bench space. The kitchen sink works really well in the corner of your kitchen because:

  • You now have the plumbing in the corner cabinet which is a more difficult unit to access so a perfect place for plumbing.
  • The countertop in front of the window is free and instead of a sink cabinet you can have a large set of drawers making better use of your space for storage.

This is a winning move and no compromise in any way to the final outcome – a win win situation. More kitchen storage space and a larger kitchen bench top area is a massive bonus!