Kitchen Splashbacks

So you have your kitchen design and are now considering your kitchen surfaces and colours. With so many choices out there it can be a daunting job, not just picking colours but textures, surfaces and finishes.

Your kitchen splashback is one part of your kitchen design that you can go wild with. It is where you can display your creativity, select the colour you like and if down the track it becomes dated and old then simply replace and update! This can be done relatively cheaply if you compare it to going out on a limb and having an ultra modern kitchen design with trendy colours that then become dated and you have to re-surface or even re-design the whole kitchen!

The kitchen splashback is your opportunity to explore colours and textures. Your kitchen splash back can be tiles offering a massive range of designs, colours, shapes and sizes, glass which can be tinted or painted any number of colours and shades or you could choose a range of other material such as stainless steel, pressed tin, metal, acrylic, laminate and more.

Examples of Kitchen Splashbacks

Types of Kitchen splashbacks today include:

  • Tiled splashbacks offering a huge range of colours, sizes and patterns
  • Glass splashbacks which are heat and impact resistant
  • Laminate splashbacks offering an inexpensive option
  • Stainless Steel splashbacks offering a range of textures/patterns
  • Acrylic splashbacks with no seam for dirt to accumulate
  • Stone splashbacks offering durability

A new kitchen splashback is a very simple and cost effective way to give your kitchen a facelift if you are renovating and a great option to add character and your own personal touch to your dream kitchen.

The Kitchen Broker, an award winning kitchen design and build company can assist you with your kitchen splashback choice, kitchen colours, finishes and textures as part of the kitchen design process. Contact us today for a no obligation chat about your kitchen design needs.