Marble Kitchen Bench Tops

Marble has always been a favorite for many as a kitchen bench top, but there has always been dangers when using it as a work surface in kitchens. Why? Because marble is porous and is likely to stain if you are not careful.

There are some who love it so much so they take the chance, but the problem is, you may not stain it but others might. Marble is better howned or unpolished as a kitchen bench top because even water on a polished top can leave a dull outline where it laid. The most popular marbles for kitchen bench tops are the light ones like Cararra, Calacutta and Boticinni. The light ones however show up the stains more readily. Dark marbles like black gold do the job a lot better as it is harder to see any problems and they can look stunning on a light base.

It is often asked, can you seal marble? Up until recently the answer has been no, but a new sealing process has come available. However its downfall is that its application costs just as much as the stone itself. So if you love it so much that you are prepared to spend double the cost of the stone for the marble kitchen bench top then there is an answer.

There is some good news for marble kitchen bench top lovers. The new man- made stones or composite stones are delivering a good look and are continually bringing out non porous kitchen bench tops that look like Cararra marble. Three products to look at are

  • Smartstone – offering a luxury range of quartz-based surfaces to use on kitchen bench tops.
  • Essa Stone – offering luxurious stone surfaces made from up to 95% quartz.
  • Caesarstone – offering a smart and more modern alternative to products such as marble and granite for kitchen bench tops.

I personally think the closest look to marble out of the three is Smartstone.

On the other hand if you want a Cararra marble look and you want a kitchen bench top that is indestructible, non porous, seamless, and does not hold bacteria, then maybe Corian is for you. Corian’s top of the range stone look are very good, but will cost you a bit more than marble. Corian is an acrylic and has a softer feel, it is not a stone.

So as you can see there are plenty of options to select from when it comes to your kitchen bench top. The Kitchen Broker can assist you in selecting the right bench top for your luxury kitchen at the right price. Contact us today!