Top Kitchen Design Tips to Consider

A great kitchen design is paramount in a house not only for the people cooking and preparing food in the kitchen but for the whole family. A well laid out kitchen design makes life easier. Here are my top kitchen design tips to consider when building or renovating.

Before you jump into building a new kitchen or renovating an old kitchen take the time to read these top 7 kitchen design tips. Having the right layout for your kitchen makes life easier for everyone using the kitchen area. Having the right colour scheme and classic kitchen design will help you when it comes to selling your house in the future.

  • Choose the right kitchen layout: The most important of all tips, the Kitchen layout! Utilise the Double Triangle in the design of your kitchen. A good kitchen designer can help you with the overall kitchen layout and provide some ideas and solutions you may not have thought about.
  • Maximise storage: The second most important factor. How many times have you run out of storage in the kitchen? Make good use of the space you have with clever kitchen layouts, using kitchen drawers instead of cupboards for easy to reach storage, locating the kitchen sink in the corner with the plumbing underneath.
  • Choose the right kitchen colour scheme: I’m referring to choosing a neutral tone for your kitchen. Did you know that the most used colours in kitchens are white and antique white? Boring I hear you say? Not at all, use colourful kitchen splashbacks or choose a flaunty kitchen benchtop to bring a splash of colour and personality to your kitchen. These things are easily changed by the next kitchen owner without breaking the bank and the neutral kitchen colour will assist in your house resale value.
  • Streamline your kitchen surfaces: Build seamless cupboards reaching the ceiling or running flush with floor to avoid dust catchment areas. Have kitchen benchtops with minimal joins and under bench sinks to avoid edges that catch food scraps. Replace cupboard handles with ‘finger pull’ cutouts.
  • Integrate kitchen appliances: To achieve the seamless look fit cupboard doors to your fridge or sit the microwave in its own little nook with a pull down door.
  • Clever lighting: Use your kitchen lighting to maximise the look and feel of the kitchen however make sure it is practical when working in the kitchen. Dimmers can be very affective as well as under cupboard lighting.

As I mentioned before a good kitchen designer can help you with your kitchen layout, suggest solutions to your storage problems and guide you when it comes to kitchen appliances and surfaces. The Kitchen Broker, the clever way to buy a kitchen, has award winning kitchen designers and a unique, state of the art, kitchen design studio to complete the finishing touches.