Pick the Best Cook’s Triangle to Utilise the Space in Your Kitchen Effectively



Builders often do not live in the houses they construct. If they did, they would take pains to ensure that the kitchens in these houses utilise the space as effectively as possible. Ideally, kitchens must have an effective layout. This will typically mean a layout that has the cook’s triangle at its core. Having a well-designed kitchen could make it easier to work in the kitchen. In addition, the flow of traffic in the kitchen would not pose a problem to the person working in the kitchen as well.

An Overview of the Different Kinds of Cook’s Triangles that Kitchen Designers Typically Use

The work triangle is the centrepiece of the kitchen. It comprises the refrigerator (the storage area), the stove (the cooking area) and the kitchen sink (the cleaning area). Some of the main types of work triangles used in kitchen plans include:

  • The Straight Kitchen: Used in very small spaces, this style is popular in office applications and apartments. It features one countertop for storing all the utensils and appliances. But, the storage and cooking areas will not be very spacious.
  • The Peninsula: This design features the U-shaped layout. It provides ample space for cooking, storing and cleaning. Two cooks can easily use the same workspace simultaneously.
  • The L-Shaped Layout: This layout typically offers better traffic flow, better access to the workspace and a spacious cooking area. It has enough space for two cooks too.
  • The Island: Similar to the L-shaped layout, this design provides ample storage and cooking space. Some people prefer having the sink and the cooktop in the centre of the kitchen. In addition, this layout enables people to include a dining table as well.

Are You Looking for Kitchen Images to Take Inspiration from in Sydney?

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