Pick the Best Kitchen Benchtops Based on Your Personal Taste and Style

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Kitchen benchtops undoubtedly exert a significant degree of influence on the overall look and ambience of the kitchen. However, they come in a diverse range of materials and styles. When you pick the right one, it can serve to become the centrepiece of your kitchen. Homeowners typically want their kitchens to be highly functional. This is because the kitchen remains one of the most utilised spaces in the house. But, when in the kitchen, many people spend most of their time working on the benchtop. This is why benchtops must be strong, durable and sturdy enough to withstand daily and constant use.


What Kinds of Kitchen Benchtops Should You Consider Incorporating in Your Kitchen?

Some of the most popular benchtop surfaces in Australian kitchens comprise:

  • Natural Stone: Granite and marble benchtops are incomparable in terms of appearance. They are quite expensive too. Both are stylish and durable materials. But, granite require regular sealing and re-sealing to keep it stain-resistant. Similarly, marble can make your kitchen look luxurious.
  • Timber: This surface gives kitchens a warm and rustic appearance. Timber does scratch and stain easily. But, you can easily restore it by sanding and repolishing it.
  • Porcelain: These surfaces are durable. They can withstand heat damage, staining and scratching too. Porcelain is non-porous as well, which makes it very hygienic.
  • Tile: Many kitchen images feature tiled benchtops. Finding tiles that suit your design preferences is easy. In addition, tiles can withstand scratching and heat damage. However, cleaning these surfaces can be tough.
  • Laminate: For people on a budget, laminate is the material of choice. At a fraction of the price of the actual materials, you can make your benchtop look very similar to timber or stone benchtops.


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