Plain Unit to Glamour Unit

Unit living can bring a lot of challenges, especially when it comes to catering for a family. One of the obvious things is general storage.

A two to three bedroom unit above the ground floor offers as a rule the basic requirements, so making sure you utilise the storage you have wisely is important.

Many developers have built MultiMate units in and around the city centres to make money and were careful not to go overboard with design or finishes to maximise return on investment. Many built these units in desirable locations that are close to work and to the city action. This, in many cases, is the most important thing for them, as location was the main motivator and as long as they had the bedrooms they needed, and the unit was fresh and new, that was the priority.

Glamor kitchens, or well thought through interior design, though important, was not the main issue when they were trying to get into the market and live where they wanted to live.

As time goes on they realise that the kitchen space is not very functional, the kitchen appliances are basic and the kitchen design leaves much to be desired, as things were put where ever they would fit and there were no regard for working kitchen triangles, gourmet cooking, or general traffic flow.

Glamour textures and finishes, good kitchen lighting, bench space in the right areas and etc. were just not on the list when these units were built.

We find this situation in Sydney in most unit complexes and we find it a fun challenge in most cases delivering the right result for our clients.

The kitchen living area is usually the only area where we can lift the game in relation to space, look and function. It has three bedrooms and would be considered above the average in build and size. Though not evident by the pictures the unit has quite a large curved balcony with glass floor to ceiling windows and doors leading out to it. As you can see the kitchen is basic and a free standing table is in the centre of the room between the kitchen and the lounge TV area.

Before redesign

Our clients love to cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The battle for bench space when two wanted to work in the kitchen was a problem. Easy access to utensils and cooking equipment was tight.

Every day appliances were not easily accessible and the work surface lighting was not good. The other fix that was needed was to create enough space for six people to sit and get rid of the bulky table in the middle. Careful consideration was given to the property style and proportions. We wanted to create a minimal light kitchen to enhance the feel of space and we wanted to pick up on the curved window and balcony in the table design.

Redesigned kithcen

As you can see the new kitchen is airy and light and creates a far greater feel of space. There is now plenty of space for two to work and the rebated LED lighting gives good light and a lovely ambience. The whole feel of this area has changed significantly and we believe that the goal has been achieved in the three main areas: look, function and resale value. Our clients are delighted.


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