Planning a Kitchen Island Bench In Sydney

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You can get a kitchen island bench installed in your Sydney kitchen to create a more welcoming and attractive surface. You should look at how well a bench is organized well when figuring out how this addition might work in your home.

Review How the Bench Is Built

A bench can be made in one of two ways. It could work as a seated area that stands outward from the rest of the island. It could also be made as a seat for dining on the island. That is, it would move inward towards the island counter top surface.

A kitchen planner Sydney service might recommend that the seated area is bolted into the bench as well. This would create a more natural look than what you might get if you added a bench that you could move around and take out of the room if desired.

Look At the Colour

The colour of your kitchen island is something worth looking into. A kitchen planner Sydney will probably recommend that your bench matches up with the rest of the island. That is, a brown tone will work on a bench attached to a brown base. That brown colour would be even better if the top surface has a lighter tone, thus creating a beautiful contrast.

How Far Out?

Look at how far out the bench might protrude from the rest of the island. A kitchen island bench should come out by about 12 to 18 inches on average. This should be enough to create a nice surface without something being too obtrusive or in the way of the kitchen floor.

Looking at how well a kitchen island bench can be built is a necessity for having a quality Sydney kitchen planned out and organized right. Talk with The Kitchen Broker if you require extra help with getting this part of a kitchen set up the right way.


Image Source: Steve Larkin / Flickr

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