Prepare Wider Walkways For Kitchen Renovations Sydney Needs

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Sydney families know that their kitchens are important places where lots of things can happen. It is no surprise that when it comes to kitchen renovations Sydney homeowners often focus on the walkways. Specifically, they look to find ways to make their walkways a little wider.

Kitchen designers recommend that homeowners use different walkway measurements for ensuring their kitchens are easy to navigate around. These include specific rules for how wide different parts of a kitchen might be.

Entering the Kitchen

A walkway that heads into a kitchen should be at least 36 inches wide. This is enough for handling anyone who walks into a room. The added space also makes the kitchen a more inviting spot in the home for people to walk into.

Cooking Zone Measurements

The cooking zone in your kitchen is the spot where your oven, stove top and other appliances for cooking needs is located. It may also be a spot where you might cut and measure foods at. Kitchen renovations Sydney homeowners utilize often walkways of at least 42 inches in width around the cooking zone. This offers enough room for ensuring all cooks in a spot can move around well enough. This is a good measurement that kitchen designers recommend as it offers more room for cooks to move around in when handling hot or sensitive items in a safe manner.

What About Two Cooks?

A kitchen that requires more people to work at a given time should have wider walkways. Kitchen designers recommend that a cooking zone that supports two or more cooks should have walkways that are 48 inches wide or greater. You should have space for multiple people at this juncture.

Be certain that you look for how wide your kitchen walkways and entry points are when getting this part of your home renovated. Contact The Kitchen Broker if you need extra help or support with getting this part of your home fixed up properly.


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