Professional Recognition

If you are a leading supplier of product to the Kitchen Industry, and you have an above average architectural designed home on an acreage in Sydney – who do you choose to design your above average provincial kitchen?

The client has chosen Award Winning Designer  Brian Patterson to design a kitchen that will be the centre-piece of this large room that has five meter high ceilings.  Brian has brought  balance and elegance to this space and a kitchen that fulfills all the dreams and aspirations of the client.

The kitchen doesn’t just look good, it also functions perfectly for family meals and entertaining alike. All parts must be useable, there’s no wasted space here. Even the side panels open up and all the cupboards have pull-out shelves for ease of use. Using a designer can make a big difference to the workability of the space and the couple chose Brian Patterson for the job. Like all good designers, he understands proper work surfaces and picks up on things that an owner misses. Marina believes that, while you should always be prepared to tweak their suggestions, the money spent on a designer is more than amply rewarded

Country Home Ideas Vol 10 No2 p. 71

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