Renovation Design Ideas: 3 Tips to Spruce up the White Kitchens

white kitchens

If you’re a homeowner who is fond of sleek and spotless design, a contemporary white kitchen is a perfect choice for you. Most homeowners choose to have white kitchens because apart from lending a contemporary and minimalistic touch  to their space, white colour also makes their kitchens look spacious than their actual size. Second benefit of white kitchens is that you can spice up or change the theme of your kitchen as frequently as you want. If you’ve chosen a white themed kitchen, below are some renovation design ideas that can help you add even more style and elegance to your white kitchen?

  1. White kitchens look sleek and stunning when they are brand new. However, if not maintained well, white cabinets and other components can lose their original appeal and start looking dull a few years down the line. To get rid of this dull look and to infuse a new life into white kitchens, you can choose to include some bright and colourful elements in them. But make sure you choose a colour that has already been used somewhere in the kitchen so that it can blend seamlessly with the existing design.
  1. Another thing you can do to enhance the appeal of white kitchens is by adding textures. You can do it by adding minor elements, such as mats, of interesting and different textures. Select a suitable texture and use the same in different areas of your kitchen for a unified overall effect.
  1. White kitchens have a light and airy feel to them. You can enhance this particular aspect of your white themed kitchen by including some colourful plants in your kitchen design. Properly maintained plants actually look great in white kitchens. This is one of those cost-effective renovation design ideas than can make your kitchen stand out effortlessly. Since these plants do not take much space, you can add style and elegance to your kitchen without sacrificing precious space in your kitchen.


These are some renovation design ideas that can help you enhance the look and feel of your white kitchen when you get tired of seeing the same white coloured kitchen over and over again. For more kitchen renovation design ideas, get in touch with The Kitchen Broker today.

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