Safety Measures in Kitchen Designs

With all of the things to think about when planning new kitchen designs, it is easy to forget about making sure it is safe. Kitchen safety is among the most important factors in many choices during a renovation. Kitchens can be incredibly hazardous places, with liquids, electricity, hot surfaces, and spills just to name a few. All of these risks make it a good idea for a kitchen planner in Sydney to help ensure your kitchen designs are free from any dangerous safety flaws.

There are a few important design elements to consider in kitchen designs to ensure safety:

  • Keep a fire extinguisher and fire blanket handy – hopefully this one is obvious but easily accessible firefighting equipment is very important. These should be kept away from flammable surfaces, many families keep them above the stove but this is where the fire will be, making them hard to reach when needed. Kitchen planners in Sydney can determine the best place to store these.
  • Place stoves or cooktops away from windows – on the topic of fires, having a window next to a stove can lead to curtains catching fire as they blow around. This also prevents injury from people reaching over hot stoves to open the window.
  • Proper storage of knives – kitchens are full of dangerous objects, and knives are a big one. There are a few good ways to store them, on a magnetic strip along the wall, in a knife block, or a high up drawer. It is important to kitchen designs of families with children to keep them out of reach.
  • Direct traffic away from cooking – keep a path for movement through the kitchen and to the refrigerator away from cooking areas like the stove. This will minimize any collisions or spills with cooks and equipment.
  • Keep cooking and preparation areas well lit – this will ensure that the cook can see what they are doing easily and avoid burns or cuts from unseen hazards.

The Kitchen Broker is an expert kitchen planner in Sydney who can develop cutting edge kitchen designs, incorporating all methods of safety. Contact us today for more information!

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