Setting out a kitchen plan for your home

There are many directions a kitchen plan can go when renovating or building a kitchen in your home for the first time. Many factors can be considered such as which type of benchtop to use, storage choices, budget, flooring, lighting or whether your kitchen is contemporary or traditional. All these factors need to be considered when formulating your kitchen plan for your dream home. This blog post is designed to list out these factors in some detail so that you don’t miss a beat when it comes to renovating your kitchen. See previous blogs for a more in-depth guide on each factor.

Traditional or Modern

Firstly, when coming up with your kitchen ideas you need to have an idea of the overall theme you are going to go with. The theme will determine the aesthetic and thus the overall feel of every aspect of your kitchen.

Will you go with me?

  • A sleek, metallic design with hints of marble to give off a modern/contemporary look.

Or will you go with me?

  • A more traditional style with detailed wood and natural stones as well as vibrant colors.

Of course, these themes aren’t restricted to only these details; there are so many different types of modern looks as well as types of traditional looks. It is important that you understand what the theme is in your kitchen plan so that consistency is ensured.


The style of benchtop you use will be determined by the theme of your kitchen as discussed above. For instance, a marble benchtop is usually seen in a modern kitchen. However, other details such as sizing and positioning vary no matter the theme. It is important that your benchtops are functional in the sense that they can withstand heavy wear and tear on a daily basis.


Wood, Concrete, laminate, stone and tile surfaces are flooring types that can all be considered when it comes to the flooring of your kitchen. Another question you must ask yourself is “are looks the priority when it comes my kitchen? and will you make the sacrifice to use an attractive style of flooring that is harder to clean? Or do you prefer functionality rather than looks so that cleaning is simple and stress free? If you answered yes to the last question then a Laminate surface might be for you then.




Maintaining the balance between aesthetics and functionality continues with the lighting of your kitchen. Where you place your lights is important, and can affect your budget significantly. Will you add lights in your cabinets, under the bases of cabinets? Is natural lighting a priority? All these questions need to be considered.

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