Smart Tricks To Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

Kitchen is the most important part of a house, and a well designed one can make the house livelier. A good design is based on aesthetics and functionality, and it can transform a small space to appear a lot bigger. If you are planning kitchen renovations in Sydney, you may like to go through some kitchen ideas provided here for increasing the visual appeal and functionality by making small modifications.

1. Improved Lighting. A dark or poorly lit space of a house looks much smaller and dull. Addition of layered lighting can add a new dimension to the kitchen and will make it look brighter and cosy. If your kitchen has a window, then letting in natural light by keeping the window open will make it look much brighter.

2. Shiny Surfaces and Kitchenware. Well polished metallic surfaces and kitchenware adds a bright spark to the kitchen. Using shiny pots and cutlery with copper trimmings will provide an accentuated look to the kitchen. The same can be achieved by using enamel painted kettle.

3. Using Light Colours. Most kitchen designers in Sydney recommend the use of light colours. Your kitchen need not be painted in white. Splashes of pastel colours like yellow, blue, purple, etc. add a colourful dimension to the kitchen; however, gaudy colours steal the look and will make your kitchen look cramped. If you plan to make some pattern on the walls you must stick to as few colours as possible.

4. Open Shelves and Recessed Shelves. Today, most modern kitchen designs feature open shelves that give the room a larger appearance and an airy appeal. However, if you lack space and cannot install open shelves, you may like to install recessed shelves or cabinets. These are available in ‘do it yourself’ kits’ ad can be installed with ease.

5. Glass Cabinet Doors. Replacing solid cabinet doors with glass doors will provide a delicate look. This will also provide a motivation to keep your cabinets clean. You can choose between clear glass and translucent glass for the cabinet doors. Using coloured glass matching the pastel colour of the walls is also an option.

6. Maximize Floor Space. Our Kitchen planner suggests that floor space in a small kitchen can be increased by using a wall mounted dining table, dining stools with thinner legs, floating shelved, smaller kitchen island, etc. This helps in keeping the floor clean and improves the aesthetics of the kitchen.

7. Wall Coloured Shelves. Wall coloured shelves will blend in with the walls giving the space a larger appearance.

8. Clutter Free Look. The clutter in the kitchen adds to the diminished aesthetics of the space. Making your kitchen clutter free is not a big hassle as the unwanted stuff can be packed inside the cabinets. Clutter free counter-top makes the kitchen look larger.

To get a bigger bang for your kitchen renovation dollars, you must seek the services of an expert kitchen planner. With their expertise and experience, kitchen designers in Sydney can help create a kitchen that meets all your expectations of aesthetics and functionality.

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