The Best Trends to Consider When Renovating Sydney Kitchens

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Australian homeowners typically renovate or revamp their kitchens approximately once in 10 years. For many people, these kitchens are nothing short of new purchases or investments. As such, they will want to extract optimal value for their money. When you don’t like a product you’ve purchased, you could consider returning it or replacing it with a better option. However, you cannot do that with your kitchen. Therefore, if your Sydney kitchens do not look visually appealing or if they are not convenient to work in, you will need to give them a makeover pronto.


Top Trends that are Captivating Homeowners Looking to Revamp their Sydney Kitchens

When it comes to home interiors, it’s best to avoid succumbing to the prevalent design trends. But, not all trends are worth ignoring. In many cases, following these trends could help you derive maximal value for your money. Some of the most popular trends in kitchen designs these days include:

  • Opting for warmer metals such as brass, gold and copper instead of cooler ones such as silver and stainless steel because of the sophisticated warmth they exude
  • Using retro-style benchtop gadgets and vintage décor for enhancing the charm of the kitchen
  • Selecting porcelain surfaces as the surfacing material of choice in the kitchen
  • Using textured laminated material especially on cabinet fronts for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen
  • Installing textured or slump glass splashbacks in the kitchen
  • The use of rustic wood, concrete, bamboo and natural stone to give kitchens a typically earthy look and feel
  • Having soothing and versatile neutral colours such as grey, brown or white in the kitchen and,
  • Fitting kitchens with slender benchtops instead of the usual thicker varieties


Consult Award-Winning Kitchen Designers to Get the Best Modern Kitchen Designs in Your Sydney House

Not all homeowners find it convenient to handle their kitchen renovation projects by themselves. With various responsibilities to manage, many people prefer hiring professional kitchen designers for giving their Sydney kitchens a makeover. In Sydney, The Kitchen Broker is one of the best kitchen designers. Our team comprises award-winning designers who can design your kitchen to perfection. In addition, we can help you choose the best finishes to make your kitchen smart, elegant and amazingly functional. So, turn to the experts when you want a new kitchen. For more details, call us at (02) 9484 3464.

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