The Dos and Don’ts of Kitchen Renovations

If you’re going about your first kitchen renovation, the entire process could appear baffling and loaded with difficulties. For example, there are several kitchen designs from which you could choose one that suits you. However, regardless of whether you opt for classic kitchen or designer kitchens, the fact remains that you need the space to be functional and attractive. Therefore, ensure that you heed these tips to get the kitchen that you deserve:

  • Include sufficient space for storage including space for storing your utensils and pantry space too
  • Avoid opting for a design style that is popular currently as this could soon become outdated; opt for a kitchen design that is timeless and elegant
  • Ensure that your working space, the cooking appliances and the fridge (or the sink) are set in a triangular arrangement
  • Get a kitchen floor that is not only functional but also visually appealing
  • Consider the kind of lighting you require
  • Check the options available for revamping your walls

Avoid making the following mistakes when you give your kitchen a makeover:

  • Making continual last-minute changes to the design of your kitchen renovation as it could result in busting your budget
  • Attempt to replace everything in your kitchen simultaneously
  • Take a “Do It Yourself” approach for saving money, when you don’t have the wherewithal of handling such an assignment
  • Neglect to ensure that your kitchen remains well ventilated
  • Place your kitchen sink, refrigerator and the cooking area in remote parts of your kitchen

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