The Kitchen Broker Finalist for Large Kitchen NSW KBDI Awards

Here is our entry that has us as a finalist and in the running to win the award for Large Kitchen NSW in the KBDI awards, the winner will be unveiled at the KBDi Designer Awards 2015 Gala in Cairns on August 29.

Design Brief
The client bought this late 80’s property 15 years ago. It was on a large parcel of land in a valley with bush outlook over the swimming pool, but the inside was original and tired. The idea was to renovate the bathrooms kitchen & move the study that was off the kitchen to the attached granny flat. The husband & wife team were busy professionals with demanding workloads who sometimes worked from the home office.
Before Shot

When entertaining they did it in a big way & the massive decks surrounding the home certainly lent itself to serious entertaining, but the kitchen area overlooking the deck was inadequate. It was a typical u-shape timber kitchen, with pantry, wall oven & fridge on the wall facing the U.

The client wanted a serious kitchen that could cater for their style of living & entertaining. They desired a kitchen that had the wow factor, with the latest appliances & easy access to numerous benchtop appliances that were ready to go at a moment’s notice but were hidden away when not in use. Lots of good storage and multiple work stations was desirable, and a table that could seat at least six, as they liked the idea of dining in the kitchen & even casually with friends.
Before Shot
Also the kitchen needed to relate to the outside better than it did, as the host of a gathering was not part of the action when preparing inside.

They wanted to move the adjoining study & give the space to the new kitchen which meant that the kitchen space went from 12 square meters to 30 square meters. This meant that the hallway from the front door that housed the linen closet entered the middle of the kitchen and could be clearly seen from the front door. This was an obvious problem that needed to be overcome. They were committed to using the whole space but wanted a solution to the presentation from the front door.

The client was in great need of design expertise as they had no idea how the whole project could possibly come together, in all aspects of the design and the finishes.

Design Statement

This space was screaming for a whole new approach. The first thing we needed to do was get the linen closet out of the hallway, as it was the first thing you looked at when you opened the front door. This meant that a decent size hall shrank, & made the entrance very ordinary. If we moved the closet & removed the nib wall on the kitchen side of the closet we would achieve a niece wide entry to the kitchen space & we could design the linen closet into the kitchen area. The next thing we needed to consider was to soften the entry so that people entering the front door were not presented with kitchen mess. This was achieved by a display cabinet on the back of the island with glass shelves & lights.

As the client wanted to fill the total space, we needed to address function. It was important from the designer’s point of view that two distinct work triangles be established; one for the cook & one for others who wanted get breakfast or make a toasted sandwich etc. This was achieved by making the second triangle from the centre island to the appliance pantry to the fridge. This meant that others could participate in the kitchen & the two triangles met at the fridge, & didn’t cross one another. It also meant that when entertaining for large gatherings others could pitch in & be out of the cook’s road. A mobile island was also included to bridge the space between main bench & centre island.
The designer decided to remove the existing window, so as to run the bench through to the outside deck, & replace the old window with a bi-fold system that folded away to the left, giving good access & vision to the main outside entertaining area.
The old floor was removed & a new darker ceramic floorboard look was chosen to contrast the soft multiple colours of the kitchen. Also under floor heating was chosen to make the space very comfortable in winter.
It was decided to incorporate the table as part of the physical kitchen to manage space & a seamless look & feel. We believe this has been achieved & has given the space elegance & balance. The colours are soft & the led lighting that floats down the glass to the stone bench adds to the many things that this classy kitchen offers. All the appliances that the client desired has been designed in & benchtop appliances have ample space behind two roller doors. To make that extra piece of toast whilst sitting at the table is close & handy.
There is multiple work stations & tons of storage, the overall look is stunning, the client is very happy & feels that the wait has been worth it.

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