The Most Common Mistakes Individuals make when designing their Kitchens

Designing kitchens can be challenging if you’re doing it the first time. There are a lot of features you should know which sometimes you may forget about until you move in and realize. However, professional kitchen designers can help with this mistake so when you move into your new home, you are more confident with the design and the space of your kitchen.

One of the most common issues professionals realizes when individuals design kitchens themselves is access throughout the kitchen. While designing, often you’ll forget about the practical aspects such as the walkways throughout the kitchen. You don’t want to make a narrow walkway throughout your kitchen where you cannot walk around if another member of the house is in the kitchen working too, or has a cupboard open.

Another issue kitchen designers agree on is the lack of power outlets. Often, when individuals design their kitchens without the help of kitchen designers, they forget to add more power outlets. Imagine having to wait for coffee from the coffee pot in the morning because the toaster is using the 1 outlet you own! This is 1 experience you don’t ever want to have especially when you need your coffee the most. Also having a few power outlets near each other is much better than having 5 different power outlets spread around. This will make your kitchen unorganized, dysfunctional, and not as productive.

Knowing which type of cupboard doors you will be installing is a misconception as you won’t know which ones will be the best option for you regarding cleaning, storage, and ease of use.  Using glossy laminate cupboards might be the option you will be opting for, however, by using unsuitable cleaning products, the glossiness of the cupboard door will disappear. Talking to professional kitchen designers while going through this process is much better as they are aware of the pros and cons of each product so this can be prevented.

These are some of the most common mistakes individuals make when they design their own kitchen. Getting in contact with professional kitchen designers can help prevent silly mistakes like this so when you move in, you’re more confident and know you won’t wake up with regrets. To speak to one of our team members, contact us and we’ll make sure you will be on the right track.

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