The Three Parameters to Heed When Acquiring New Cabinetry for Your Kitchen

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Kitchen and interior designers know the value that cabinets offer in kitchens. However, they also know that cabinets can be quite expensive. In almost any kitchen renovation, the cabinetry will end up consuming close to half the overall budget. The cost and utility factors of cabinets necessitate making the right cabinetry decisions. The slightest misjudgement or carelessness could end up giving you cabinets that don’t look good or don’t fit perfectly in the space assigned to them. In addition, cabinetry that doesn’t suit your needs could also lead to the wastage of your hard-earned money.


When homeowners decide to acquire new kitchens, they often look for kitchens that suit their specific needs. Kitchen designers can certainly tweak the designs and layouts of standard-style kitchens to suit the homeowners. But, having a kitchen that offers a superb fusion of functionality and visual appeal can be a temptation too hard to resist. Custom-designed kitchens do not just suit the working styles and preferences of the homeowners. Built to suit the space available, these kitchens exude a unique and attractive look. These traits have made custom-designed kitchens quite popular among Australians. Naturally, it goes without saying that a custom kitchen will invariably feature custom-made cabinetry.


When you shop for materials to use in your new cabinetry, don’t forget to focus on aspects such as:


  • The Grain of the Wood: Custom cabinetry suppliers typically use different varieties of wood for making cabinets. Regardless of the wood you choose, always consider the grain of the wood for your new cabinets. Not only does the grain influence the texture of the cabinets. It can also affect the overall look of your kitchen design. Wood with rougher grain will always suit the cabinets in a rustic kitchen. Similarly, contemporary or traditional kitchens will always feature cabinetry made from wood with finer grain.


  • The Colour: In many cases, the colour used in a kitchen can highlight the style of the kitchen. Because of this, many homeowners attempt to change the colours in their kitchen to give these spaces a makeover. Quite a few people like having white cabinets in their kitchens. This colour can complement the other colours used in the kitchen. The use of pine, ash or hickory wood in your cabinets could give your kitchen a light-coloured look. Similarly, you can even change the look of your kitchen by altering the wood stains or paints used in the cabinetry.


  • The Build or Construction of the Cabinets: It goes without saying that your cabinetry can provide clever storage options in the kitchen. But, not many people realise that the construction of the cabinets can affect the overall look of the cabinets. To cite an example, suppliers often build cabinets with dowels, rabbets or dovetails. To the end user, the use of any of these might not seem to be anything worth pondering over. But, cabinets built with dovetails can offer superior levels of durability. They will also require additional amounts of wood. Hence, going through the construction of the cabinets with your supplier could be useful.

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