Tips to Consider if You’re Planning to Renovate Your Kitchen

Few people can afford to construct a house from scratch before moving in. These homeowners have the ability (and the means) to design every aspect of their homes based on their requirements. They will only move in once the entire house is ready. For a vast majority of people though, this is not possible. Therefore, they will purchase the house, make the necessary renovations and move in. This usually entails having to adjust your lifestyle according to the design of the house.

Sometimes this might be easy enough to accomplish – especially if you’re accommodating and not too fussy. This might be easy if you don’t have to spend a lot of time on your feet working in a specific room each day i.e. the bedrooms, the living rooms etc. However, when it comes to the kitchen, making minor adjustments can be difficult. Therefore, if you have the budget, it might be worthwhile going through various kitchen designs. These designs could give you various ideas to incorporate in your renovation project for the kitchen. Renovating your kitchen could give you the kitchen you keenly desire.

How Should You Determine Your Budget for Renovating Your Kitchen?

Estimates suggest that kitchen cabinets usually account for nearly half the budget of most renovation projects. Therefore, consider whether you can make do with the existing set. If not, then consider the kind of cabinets that you want to have. Remember, kitchen cabinets will consume a large portion of your budget. Therefore, you must avoid the need for having to revamp them again subsequently. Consider selecting sturdily constructed and better quality cabinets. These will work out to be cost effective in the long run.

Similarly, consider other things that you might want to incorporate in your kitchen. For example, you might want a walk in pantry or a kitchen island bench. Compile a list that contains all the details for your renovation project. Thereafter, based on estimates, pencil in the amounts next to each of these changes. If your budget can accommodate all the renovations, the situation is ideal. If not, you might need to prioritise the activities. You could consider opting for inexpensive changes in certain cases. For example, it is easy to upgrade kitchen counters. Therefore, you could select an inexpensive one for the present. On the other hand, you could defer the changes that do not fit into your budget for a later date.

How Does One Select a Reliable Contractor for the Renovation Project?

You could take recommendations from your family members, friends, colleagues or neighbours. If this is not working out, consider doing some background research yourself. Compile a list of contractors in the vicinity. Interview them and check their qualifications and insurance. Ask them for references and visit the references to ascertain the worth of these contractors. Focus on verifying whether these contractors have:

  • Handled kitchen renovations before and,
  • Demonstrated the appropriate levels of skill, quality and expertise in their work

Thereafter, take quotes from the contractors that interest you. Avoid selecting the cheapest contractor on the list, for the work might be cheap in quality too. Compare the interesting contractors over a range of parameters i.e. cost, experience, references, services etc. Select the contractor with the best performance in the selected parameters. Avoid contractors who seem reluctant to part with information.

If you don’t have the time to deal with contractors, you could even consider hiring a reputed kitchen planner. These professionals often take the entire headache out of the project. From giving you designs to bringing the agreed designs to reality, they handle every aspect of the project. This includes dealing with various contractors too. Therefore, you could save yourself a lot of time and effort by hiring kitchen planners to take care of your renovation project.

According to various kitchen designers, the most popular trends in kitchen renovations for 2015 include:

  • Opting for custom cabinets, as these are ideal for daily use
  •  Concealing the appliances used in the kitchen as this heightens the functionality aspect of the kitchen, while preventing the kitchen from looking cluttered
  •  Selecting kitchen appliances made of stainless steel because it has a universal appeal and a shiny appearance, typically associated with luxury (Among colours, black is the next best option)
  • Getting countertops made of granite or quartz, especially those that have custom touches or are made of renewable and recycled materials i.e. laminate, paper etc.
  • Using accent lighting for emphasising your glassware, dishware etc. Similarly, you could consider sconce lighting as it presents an attractive backdrop, by spilling the light upwards or sidewards. For brightening your kitchen island, you could consider installing various bigger decorative fixtures.
  • Installing engineered wood flooring such as pre-finished woods because they offer great variety, are easy to install and are durable too
  • Selecting deep, single-bowl sinks with fitted strainers and dish drains, as these deliver the benefits of having double sinks
  • Opting for backsplashes made of stone, glass or tile mosaic, as these complement stone and quartz countertops perfectly

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