Tips to Consider When You Want to Plan Your New Kitchen

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A kitchen renovation or remodel can be expensive. Depending on all the things that you plan to accomplish, it could take quite a bit of time too. In modern homes, the kitchen has become the centrepiece. In many cases, the look of the kitchen affects the overall look and feel of the home too. Hence, experts caution homeowners to deliberate their kitchen renovations carefully before starting a project. Heading into a kitchen renovation without planning properly could be counterproductive. Some people make this mistake and end up having to rue their faulty decisions subsequently.


For instance, consider planning the layout of the kitchen. It might be easy to say that you plan to put the sink and the fridge in specific places. But, you will need to be mindful of the electrical wiring and the plumbing lines. The locations of doors and windows could also impede the flow of traffic. The slightest oversight could have big repercussions. Therefore, prior to consulting builders or designers, you might want to go through a few details first. Some of these include:


  • Hiring a Kitchen Planner or Designer: You might be fluent when it comes to ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) activities. But, making kitchen plans and designs might not be an area of strength for you. An imperfect design or layout could mar the entire renovation. Professional designers will not only help you plan an efficient layout. They will also be resourceful enough to maximise your budget. Some might even recommend trusted contractors to achieve the desired outcome.


  • Determining the Intended Use of the Kitchen: Before designing the kitchen, ask yourself certain questions. Will you be a casual cook or a gourmet one? Will you use the kitchen solely for cooking or will you want to use it for other activities? Do you want your kitchen to be large enough to enable you to chat with guests while cooking? What kind of (and how much) storage will you require?


  • Collecting Ideas and Prioritising: You will undoubtedly come across a plethora of kitchen images and ideas for revamping your kitchen. Not all of them might be worth implementing. But, over time, you will have various alternatives to consider. Before you finalise your list, be realistic. Sift out only those tips and suggestions that will suit your specific needs. Thereafter, sort these ideas into three categories comprising:
    • Things that you just cannot do without
    • Things that you would like to have but can live without if required and,
    • Things that you would like to have but do not really need


  • Ascertaining Your Budget: Planning your dream kitchen might seem like fun. But, the fun often comes to an end when you start figuring out the budget available for your kitchen renovation. Check out the prices of things in your wish-list. Correlate the prices with the items on the wish-list and cull the list further based on your priorities. Ensure that you keep your budget at least 10 – 15 percent lower than actual to deal with unforeseen expenses that could arise.

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