Top Reasons for Using Stainless Steel Countertops in Custom Kitchens

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One of the popular countertop material nowadays is stainless steel, and for good reasons, too. If you’re still on the fence about having stainless steel countertops installed in your custom kitchens, the following reasons might help you make up your mind.

A Durable and Resilient Countertop

The durability and resilience of stainless steel countertops is just one reason why you see them in many restaurants. Many restaurant owners, when talking to kitchen planners in Sydney, ask specifically for stainless steel countertops in their kitchens. And if they’re good enough for commercial kitchens, they should be more than suitable for any residential kitchen.

Stainless steel countertops are resilient to almost all types of damages. Food colouring, juice, wines and other liquids shouldn’t leave any stain on its surface. Heat? Go ahead and put that hot pan down—your stainless steel countertop should be able to take it. Kids? Sure, let them cook along with you. Stainless steel countertops can take considerable amount of banging before they dent.

A Hygienic Food Preparation Area

Aside from durability, another reason why you commonly see stainless steel countertops in restaurants is for hygienic reasons. As mentioned, stainless steel countertops have a non-porous surface. As such, bacteria, mold and germs of any kind are virtually incapable of surviving on it. If you’re the type of homemaker who is serious about preparing and serving clean, safe and delectable dishes to your family, you definitely should consider using stainless steel countertops for your custom kitchens.

A Modern and Contemporary Appeal

When people hear the term ‘stainless steel countertop’ they usually imagine a countertop with a cold, hard, and industrial look. Be that as it may, nobody can argue that using stainless steel in countertops is the perfect choice for the kitchen owner whose design tendencies lean toward the more modern or contemporary side of things.

Only a handful of countertop materials can trounce stainless steel when it comes to creating such an appeal. Ask any kitchen planner in Sydney and you’ll find that majority of them will agree with that statement. There’s simply nothing like the sheen and shine that emanate from this sleek and polished metal.

To be fair, there are certain drawbacks to having stainless steel countertops. For instance, they can be pretty noisy at times. They can also dent when a hard object is accidentally banged against them. However, many find that the pros far outweigh the cons of having stainless steel countertops. Otherwise, kitchen planners in Sydney wouldn’t even think about recommend them to their clients.

If your dead set on having stainless steel countertops installed in your custom kitchens, do get in touch with us. With our experience and expertise, we’re confident that we can help you with the planning and design process to ensure that your stainless steel countertop blends perfectly with the rest of your kitchen interiors. Feel free to drop by our showroom located at 18 Ramsay Road, Pennant Hills, NSW as well.


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