Top Tips to Achieve Modern and Classic White Kitchens

white kitchens

White kitchens are popular among homeowners in Sydney because of a variety of reasons. Whether you opt for a contemporary or a classic kitchen design, the white colour can make your kitchen look sleek and spacious without any major investment.  White kitchens also allow you to experiment with the colours of your accessories and appliances to make your kitchen as stunning as you want it to.

Modern white kitchens are a great option for you whether you’ve selected a compact kitchen design in your urban apartment or you’re planning to build a spacious and open kitchen for your vacation home. Let’s have a look at a few simple tips to achieve contemporary and classic white kitchen with ease.


Contemporary White Kitchens

White kitchens are ideal for creating a modern, streamlined and minimalistic look that’s simply impossible with other design options. To enhance the impact even further, use high gloss white finishes, glass and sleek hardware.

To make your white kitchen truly pop, use timber hue for the edges of the doors, and use the same colour on the edges of your white benchtop. An experienced kitchen planner in Sydney can recommend you even more wonderful options.

Many homeowners prefer high gloss look because glossy kitchen cabinets are easier to maintain. Before polishing and waxing, several coats of lacquer are applied on the surface of high gloss cabinets. So, they don’t just brighten up your kitchen interiors, they are scratch resistant and durable too.


Classic White Kitchens

Some people are uncomfortable with the idea of having a colourful classic kitchen. If you’re one of them, simple choose a timeless classic white kitchen. A side benefit of this design is that you’ll also create a modern feel to your classic kitchen. Choose painted white wood cabinets to create a high-end classic look. For a fresh yet detail-oriented class kitchen design, use shaker styled cabinet doors.

To avoid a predominately white look of a modern kitchen, opt for grey toned marble benchtops. White brick tiles are also the staple of white kitchens.

To create a kitchen of your dreams, it’s important to take a look at your lifestyle and things you love. Get in touch with The Kitchen Broker to know how we can achieve this for you!

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