Top Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes during Kitchen Renovations

kitchen island bench 

So, you’ve finalized the design for your kitchen renovations. It’s time to get the work started, you might be thinking right? Well, that would not be the best thing to do right now. At this stage, the more important thing is to consider some overlooked aspects and common pitfalls in a kitchen design project so that your project will go smoothly and without any hassle.

Failing To Do Proper Planning – Designing a flawless kitchen requires some in-depth planning. While you can get inspiration from design magazines, websites or from others’ kitchens, that’s nowhere near the actual planning process for custom kitchens. Below are some of the most effective kitchen ideas in Sydney that will help you in planning your kitchen renovations with ease.

  • There should be ample benchtop space between sink and the appliances.
  • If possible, invest in high quality lighting for spaces such as under cabinets, cooktop, range and sink. In addition, place light controls at an easily accessible location.
  • Make sure that your kitchen floor blends seamlessly with the flooring in the other rooms.
  • There should be sufficient electrical outlets for all your appliances. Try to include an outlet or two in your kitchen island as well.
  • There should be plenty of storage space for all your kitchen essentials.


Ignoring the functionality – Even if your kitchen design is fully compliant with the building codes, it doesn’t mean that your kitchen would have an optimum functionality and efficiency. In most kitchen renovations, you’ll need to reconfigure your appliances, cabinetry and so on. That’s the reason why you need professional help to build successful custom kitchens. Let’s take a look at some helpful tips.

  • There should be enough room in the corners so that the doors and drawers can be opened and closed without any trouble. In addition, handles should be placed wisely on the cabinets.
  • The design of cabinets and handles should not interfere with the operation of nearby doors, drawers or appliances.
  • The height of microwave oven should be decided in such a way that hot items can be retrieved comfortably.


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