Transform Your Kitchen with These 6 Renovation Design Ideas

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Who doesn’t want to boost the look and functionality of their kitchen without breaking a bank? Well, the experts at The Kitchen Broker are here to share some renovation design ideas so that you can accomplish exactly that. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look.

  1. Use Strategic Lighting: Lighting can be cleverly used in Sydney kitchens to emphasize or hide various elements. For instance you can choose to illuminate important work areas like stove top, island and sink with some wall mount lamps.
  1. Keep It Minimalistic: A clean contemporary look can be attained by storing some appliances in special appliance storage when not in use. Ideally, these should include small appliances like toaster, oven and blender etc.
  1. Boost Visual Appeal with a Backsplash: A sleek and stunning backsplash not just enhances the visual appeal of a kitchen; it also provides efficient protection to the walls from stains and splashes. There’s a huge variety to options to choose from these days, and you can create virtually any decor with ease.
  1. Intelligent Storage: An easy way to keep your benchtops clutter free is to install pull out drawers near the working area. Whether you want to have a neat storage near the cooktop or you want to keep trash items out of sight, these pullout drawers can be effectively used for any purpose.
  1. Invest In Window Treatments:  Experienced kitchen designers always take window treatments quite seriously. Apart from enhancing the visual appeal, window treatments perform a number of functions such as privacy and light control, in well designed Sydney kitchens. However, make sure to consider the overall decor of your kitchen and maintenance requirements of new window treatments before zeroing in on a perfect product.
  1. Choose An Eye Popping Colour: Colours can be effectively used to make any kitchen stand out.  You can choose a bright, dazzling colour for some of the key elements of your kitchen such as cabinets or island to add some fun into the decor. The best thing about such a colour scheme is that these colourful elements can be replaced at any point of time and a different look can be attained with a small investment.


For more renovation design ideas to spruce up your kitchen right within budget, get in touch with the experts at The Kitchen Broker today!


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