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Open kitchen design
Better lighting, enhanced space

Juggling between various activities is a reality today. This is true regardless of whether you’re working in an office or whether you’re preparing a meal in the kitchen. Both sets of activities require managing an assortment of tasks in a limited span of time. Of these, the kitchen often takes precedence. If your kitchen design is erratic or flawed, you could find the elements conspiring against you. As a result, anything you do in the kitchen will end up resembling an uphill task.

Every homeowner aspires to have a classic kitchen as the centrepiece of the house. However, not all homeowners possess the technical expertise to understand how to get the best value from their kitchens. They might know what they require from their kitchens. But, accumulating and integrating all the minor and major details together for creating a stylish and functional kitchen is often beyond their abilities. This is why many people consider engaging the services of kitchen designers to give their kitchens a delightful makeover.

An Introduction to Open and Closed Kitchens

One of the most important aspects of kitchen designing involves choosing between an open and a closed kitchen. If you were to visit many of the older houses in your city, you would find that many of them feature closed kitchens. Builders would often tuck these kitchens towards the rear of the house. In addition, these kitchens would often have just enough space for accommodating the bare essentials needed for cooking.

In recent times however, the mindset has changed. Homeowners want the kitchen to be an active part of their homes. They want to spend more time with their loved ones while they cook, instead of remaining confined in solitude in closed kitchens. Therefore, the concept of open kitchens emerged. When builders began removing the walls that blocked off the kitchen, the closed kitchen became an open one. It didn’t take long for the open kitchen to become the pivot around which the rest of the house revolved.

The Simplicity and Charm of the Open Kitchen

Families often prefer the value offered by an open kitchen. Therefore, many kitchen planners in Sydney and other cities often come across clients wanting open kitchens in their homes. These kitchens enable the occupants to prepare meals, oversee the homework of the kids and watch television – all at the same time. However, transforming a closed kitchen into an open one is not easy or inexpensive. Pulling down the walls of the kitchen often involves dealing with a variety of issues on a large scale.

For instance, you will need to ensure that you don’t damage the plumbing, electrical or structural aspects of the kitchen in your bid to get the kitchen of your dreams. Not many homeowners like having to deal with such a plethora of issues. Therefore, instead of investing their funds in the layout of their kitchens, they prefer investing it in purchasing appliances, revamping their cabinetry etc.

Open kitchens often add a sense of volume to homes. This is especially so if your home is modest in size. In addition, they eliminate the walls that reduce natural daylight. As a result, open kitchens will often be brighter and better ventilated.

Closed Kitchens – A Customisable Space Designed to Suit Your Privacy Requirements

Closed kitchens are ideal for people who prefer maintaining their privacy while cooking. For example, some people might not feel like cleaning the dirty dishes on a particular day. So, they will keep the dirty dishes on the counter and leave them for the following day. In this scenario, if these individuals were to have visitors, they would hardly be bothered. The closed-off kitchen area would prevent the guests from seeing the mess in the kitchen. This would not be the case in an open kitchen layout.

People feel that closed kitchens do not allow for easy access to the dining area. In addition, interacting with guests in closed kitchens can be difficult. However, this does not mean that a closed kitchen does not make for a more social place. For instance, all you need is a small booth, a fold-down table or a rolling bar to make your closed kitchen a place for socialising.

Yet, the walls of closed kitchens offer inherent benefits too. For instance, they give you ample space for your cabinet storage, countertop workspace and appliances. They enhance the formalness of the dining experience. In addition, a closed kitchen often keeps the cooking aroma within the kitchen.

How Can You Figure Out Which Kind of Kitchen is Best for You?

Contrary to what many people think, there is no prescribed formula for determining which kitchen layout will work best for you. The best way of obtaining a good understanding of this involves having a detailed conversation with your kitchen planner. An experienced kitchen designer would be able to ascertain your requirements and figure out what kind of layout would best suit your needs. In many cases, the kind of kitchen layout you require often depends on factors such as:

  • The manner in which you use your kitchen
  • The requirements you specify about your new kitchen

In this scenario, it’s best to avoid the influence of the latest trends in the market. Rather, focus on deriving the maximal value from your kitchen. For instance, a family with kids might prefer an open layout for supervising the kids. Similarly, a family who entertains often might prefer a closed layout to facilitate the food preparation.

However, you could customise your kitchen by adopting the best of both kinds of layouts. For instance, consider:

  • Adding a pass-through window for connecting the kitchen to the dining area, while retaining the walls of the kitchen
  • Using a folding (or pocket) door, a peninsula or a half-wall for segregating your kitchen and living areas
  • Using a downdraft unit or a range hood for keeping the odours of the kitchen away from the living and dining rooms
  • Installing an extra-large and an extra-deep sink for keeping messy dishes invisible

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