What are the different types of kitchen island bench designs?

The kitchen island bench are one of the important parts for any kitchen design. Everyone who loves the extra storage, seating and workspace in their kitchen areas with style using the perfect ingredient for their modern kitchen designs.

Any kitchen renovation project included as many as possible Kitchen Island Bench with the general rule of at least 42 to 48 inches of open space around the Island. Also, if your kitchen is less than 13 feet wide, then our experts don’t recommend adding an island at all in the Kitchen.

There few stunning Kitchen Island Bench Ideas from The Kitchen Brokers

  1. Adds Seating – In the kitchen designs installed by our expert team the booth designed island is used for the backslash and the skin fitting is also being done by good brands and the stools too.
  2. Waterfall Island Installation – The waterfall Kitchen Island design is when the counter material continues down the sides and the corners of kitchen cabinets, usually on both ends – but it can be on just one side. In this type of Island structure, the Kitchen Island bench often extends beyond the cabinets below so people can sit and eat at the Island.
  3. Mix Marble and Metal – The kitchen outfit with cabinetry and butcher block countertops designs the island clad in lacquered brass and topped with Breccia imperial marble from good artistic tiles.

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