What is Important in Kitchen Renovations?

New kitchen renovations are one of the largest investments you will make in a home so it is essential to consider your options and design decisions carefully. It’s your home, and if you’re the family cook, you will be spending a lot of time in the kitchen, so make sure your kitchen renovations are perfect for you. Professional kitchen designers such as The Kitchen Broker can guide you through many of the important design choices. When designing a new kitchen, the most important questions to ask are:

  1. What storage options and cabinetry are needed?

Much of the kitchen’s space is taken up by storage, and the cabinets used will often determine the room’s décor. Most kitchen renovations will include a mix of shelving above the benches for items and condiments kept in easy reach, and cabinets below for storing the bulk of items. Some cooks may prefer a walk in pantry for keeping all of their main ingredients in one place if space allows.

  1. What kitchen layout is best?

The layout of a kitchen is mostly determined by the space available with larger homes having more options for kitchen design. Smaller spaces may use a one-wall design, and larger spaces may use a U or L shaped design with the option for a walk in pantry elsewhere. If the layout of the home allows, many modern kitchens include a Kitchen Island Bench which can be used as a large preparation area, casual dining spot, or supervising children while cooking.

  1. What countertop materials are best for kitchen renovations?

When it comes to kitchen benchtops, there are many choices for materials. Granite (and marble when price allows) are the kings of countertops, providing an unrivaled luxury look but coming with a hefty price tag. These are often used to highlight specific areas or a Kitchen Island Bench. Some more affordable materials include laminates, ceramic tiles, or wood. All of these materials have a unique set of benefits that must be considered for individual kitchen renovations.

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