What is the best flooring for kitchen renovations?

Kitchen flooring should be durable, non-slippery, good looking, which gives a pleasant kitchen image in the eyes.

As per kitchen renovation experts across the globe, the most durable and good looking kitchen flooring option is porcelain tiles. These Kitchen flooring tiles are one of the upgraded versions of regular ceramic tile because of a manufacturing process that makes it harder and less porous, especially when something easily spills on floors. Even if Porcelain tiles are best, but still have a few pros and cons as listed below:


It is hard and durable.

Completely stain resistant.

It is waterproof.


It is difficult to stand on for a long duration.

Little bit Slippery.

Most importantly they can be challenging to install.

Few things we need to keep in mind when doing kitchen renovation with these tiles that you might get tired standing on them. So, where cushioned shoes or lace soft mat in the area you plan to do most of your work in the kitchen.

In conclusion, we can suggest that the best kitchen flooring is that which suits your kitchen and best fits your budget.

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