What Should A Modern Kitchen Design Have?

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A modern kitchen mostly represents a minimalist look. Aside from upgraded kitchen appliances, a modern kitchen design must deliver a fully functional area. If you are on the lookout for ideas on what your modern kitchen should incorporate, here are some of the vital elements that you can use during the designing phase.

  • Low-profile hood

One of the distinct features of a modern kitchen design is the use of low-profile hoods. In fact, there are some kitchen hoods with built-in lighting fixture which allows the user to work with ease. Other ideas that kitchen plans expert recommend are the use of stainless hood models or wall-mounted hoods rather the traditional hoods.

  • Cutting edge sinks with retractable faucet

Another modern kitchen design that you will normally find on home and custom kitchen magazines are the kitchen sink with retractable faucet. How does this innovation idea work? Well, here the kitchen sink has a faucet that can retract and swing, unlike the vertical position of the faucet.

Modern kitchen plans may also incorporate the kitchen island bench that serves many purposes. Apart from food preparation, the kitchen island bench can function as a service area for eating meals. Of course, the final layout of a modern kitchen is a huge factor in determining whether a kitchen island bench is appropriate or not.

  • Clever storage

Nowadays, modern kitchens make use of clever storage like stainless steel kitchen cabinets or moveable shelving units. This kind of concept allows a homeowner to maximise whatever space available in the kitchen area.

  • Steel

Yes, most modern custom kitchens are built from materials such as stainless steel or aluminum. Why? These materials are easy to clean and maintain, plus give the kitchen a modern and elegant look. Apart from that, steel is also used as an accent or final finish on surfaces like countertops, cabinets including cooktop.

  • Backsplash

Keeping a modern kitchen cool can be done with the use of backsplash. Why? These decorative materials aren’t only intended to improve the appearance of a modern kitchen, but, also serve as a protective barrier against water damage.

Are you ready to give your old kitchen a new look? If you are inspired by the above ideas on what a modern kitchen design must have, then, talk to the expert interior and kitchen designers of The Kitchen Broker. They cater to all kinds of kitchen improvements, regardless of how small or massive is your kitchen renovation project.

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