What Stone do I choose?

Stone has become the first choice in recent years for kitchen benchtops, the influx of manmade reconstituted stone has been the significant factor. Although granites and marbles have been around forever, the colours that are desired in todays market have become lighter and less busy.

Many who love natural stone have gone for marbles, as there are many that come in the lighter colours, but due to the ease of staining, many have been hesitant to put a porous product where the potential of staining is obvious.

Reconstituted stones like caeserstone, silestone, quantum quartz, smartstone etc have become the major players in the benchtop market, as even pure whites are available in stone. The colours and patterns also are very even and consistent, and there is considerable choice of colours and patterns. Reconstituted stone are not as strong and heat resistant as natural stone as natural stone is known for its robustness and durability.


The natural stone suppliers are retaliating with granites that have a whiter base and modern look as pictured. They also are developing sealers for the white marbles that give a 95% guarantee of protection to staining. This will only apply if the marbles are honed and sealed. So it is becoming evident that there is a swing back to the light marbles because of better protection for this horizontal surface.






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