What Trends Have Caught the Imagination of Homeowners When it Comes to Kitchen Remodels?

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Renovating or remodelling a kitchen can be a tough exercise. It will inevitably consume a lot of your time, effort and money. In many cases, planning all the details you want your new kitchen to have might seem like a lot of fun initially. But, as the list of changes you propose to make in your new kitchen begins to increase, the sense of reality asserting itself will manifest itself as well. For starters, you will realise that you might not have the budget for making all the changes on your wish-list. Similarly, it might also occur to you that not all the details specified on the wish-list will be feasible or doable. Therefore, you will eventually end up focusing on the elements that you cannot do without.


Oftentimes, homeowners consider kitchen renovation projects in their Sydney homes because working in the kitchen has become a problem. In some cases, the kitchen might not be offering the functionality that suits the owner’s working style. Alternatively, the kitchen might be looking shabby or dated. Kitchens that look obsolete could end up marring the overall look of the home interiors. Thus, incorporating certain new details into your kitchen could end up enhancing its functionality. However, it doesn’t pay to focus solely on the functionality of the kitchen during a kitchen renovation. You must pay some attention to giving the kitchen a makeover in terms of its look and visual appeal as well. For this, considering the latest trends in kitchen designs and plans might be worthwhile.


Some of the top trends in kitchen designs these days include:


  • The Concept of Open Space: Some homeowners might feel more comfortable with the idea of an open space kitchen. Such kitchens integrate the space of the kitchen and the living room perfectly. The open space helps facilitate socialising and interaction even as you work in the kitchen. In addition, open space kitchens can make smaller spaces appear much larger. To accomplish this, you will simply need to tear down the walls.


  • Sleek and Modern Appliances: These days, kitchens have become the centrepieces of homes. People do not merely use their kitchens for preparing meals. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that kitchens have become multi-purpose rooms nowadays. Because of this, no kitchen renovation remains complete without a few upgrades to the appliances. And, if you happen to entertain frequently, having appliances such as built-in coffee machines and microwaves could be quite convenient.

The Use of Darker and Bold Colours: All-white kitchens continue to remain quite popular throughout Australia. Many kitchen designs and plans in lifestyle magazines and television shows highlight the versatility and timelessness of these kitchens. These kitchens remain an eternal favourite of those who love modern and minimalist kitchens. However, if you want your kitchen to look unique and stunning, consider adding a dash of colour. Embellish your cabinetry with darker finishes or wooden veneers. Alternatively, pick a countertop such as black granite. These could complement the lighter-coloured elements in the kitchen perfectly.

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