Which Varieties of Wood Offer the Best Value When You Want New Kitchen Cabinets?

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In any kitchen, the cabinets will often end up occupying the most space. Whether installed beneath the countertop or on the walls, they will be one of the most important details in a kitchen. Because they consume large amounts of space, they will invariably end up becoming the focal point of the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets offer a convenient way for resolving your storage-related woes. The cabinets placed beneath your countertop can be useful for storing various items that you use regularly. Many homeowners use these cabinets for storing linen, pots & pans, spices and other food products. Cabinets installed on the walls can be useful for storing items that you do not use as frequently. Some kitchen ideas even use cabinets for concealing a variety of small appliances. This arrangement does not only make the kitchen look compact and organised. It also ensures that you do not need to lose out on valuable counterspace.


To ensure that you get your cabinetry decisions perfect in the very first instance, focus on the materials. Getting the right materials can be essential for planning your custom kitchen design. It goes without saying that cabinet makers use a variety of woods for making kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Some of the most common varieties of wood used for making cabinetry include:


  • White Oak: One of the strongest varieties of oak, this variety of wood exudes a cosy and rustic feel. People often succumb to the charms of its soft grain. This variety of wood remains a favourite for custom kitchen cabinets.


  • Red Oak: In terms of strength, red oak can be relatively inferior to white oak. But, its versatility makes it immensely popular. Red oak wood can suit a wide range of finishes. Its bold grain makes it perfect for use for kitchens with traditional designs.


  • Maple: The light colour of this wood makes it popular for custom designs. The light grain and colour makes it easier for suppliers to stain. When viewed from a distance, maple wood will look smooth and uniform.


  • Cherry: Homeowners like cherry wood for its immense strength and durability. This wood can withstand wear and tear easily. Hence, it remains appropriate for families with children. Cherry wood usually comes in light red or brown shades.


  • Pine: Pine comes under the category of softwood. Hence, it will not offer as much durability as various hardwoods. Staining pine wood can be easy because of its light colour. In addition, its visible tree knots can suit the look of your custom kitchens.


  • Birch: Birch wood can come in an array of colours. Its luxurious look and fine grain make it popular among many Australians. Some people also prefer purchasing cabinetry made from birch for its durability. Birch wood has a smooth surface that makes it look elegant and neat.


  • Ash: Another option to consider for making cabinetry could be ash wood. A clean wood with an even grain, customising ash wood with a suitable finish can be quite easy. Cabinetry made from ash wood can make your kitchen look unique and contemporary.


Cabinetry made from wood might seem traditional to many people. However, wooden cabinetry can be one of the easiest ways to update your kitchen design. When combined with quality hardware, you can get cabinets that do not merely look good, but last for much longer too.

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