Why Gray Works In Modern Kitchen Designs Sydney Homes Can Use

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Most people in Sydney think about black and white tones when looking at their kitchen renovations. This is understandable in that homes around Sydney often use black and white as surfaces that fit in well with most appliances and walls. But gray can also be used in kitchens.

Gray is popular in many modern kitchen designs Sydney homeowners use. Gray works in that people can use the color to create a nice look that stands out.

A Soft Tone

The main reason why gray is popular is that it is a softer colour than black or white. Gray is a good mix of the two that does not produce any unusual looks. Some gray tones lean toward either the black or white side of things, so it helps to watch for what is being used in any case.

Gray mixes well with light brown wood surfaces. It may also fit next to steel appliances provided the gray tone is not too deep. Also, some metal knob fixtures may be added onto gray surfaces to create a comfortable soft look that blends in well.

Goes Everywhere

Gray is popular for how it can work on any surface in a kitchen. Gray is appropriate for countertops, floors, backsplashes, sinks and lighting fixtures. The muted look adds a comfortable surface on any of these spots, thus making it a popular tone for kitchen renovations.

Can It Work With Other Surfaces?

You can find gray surfaces with glass etchings or metal items. A gray cabinet may come with a grooved glass surface. Gray drawers can include matching metal handles. Also, gray mixes in perfectly with some stone surfaces like marble, although the tone of the stone surface itself is important to review. Planning your kitchen renovations based around the features involved can make a difference in how well a layout looks.

Gray is a valuable tone to have for modern kitchen designs Sydney homeowners can enjoy having in their homes. Check with The Kitchen Broker to see how well gray can work in your renovation plans.


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